Here are some testimonials from our members and participants of The Challenge. Submit your testimonial to forksfitness@gmail.com today for your story to be featured here.

“To Ruby, Staff, and all the coaches

I thank-you from the bottom of my of my heart for the continued support.  Thank you for the inspirational award.  Each of you has been a part of my success and my ability to continue.

Thank you,

Vicky Goakey”

Vicky Goakey

“Hello this is Josh Goakey. On February 5, 2014 I almost lost my CDL and was told to lose 100 lb in one year.  My blood pressure was out of control and I was put on a third medication.  On February 20, 2014 I was told about the challenge at the FAAC by a fellow coworker and she said that I should do it.  So I thought about it and decided to do The Challenge.  The Challenge went for forty days and in that time period I lost 59.8 pounds.  I went from 405 lbs to 345.2 which is 14.76 percent of my starting body weight.  I completely changed my diet and my life.  I was drinking almost 3 gallons of coke a day eating what ever I wanted mostly fast food like the hot case at the shell and lost of greasy foods when eating out at restaurants.  In The Challenge they teach you about eating correctly and proper exercise.  The first two weeks I ate only raw fruit and vegetables, also started drinking 2 to 2.5 gallons of water a day.  I now am trying to fallow the paleo way of life.  I have gone from three bloods pressure medications down to one.  I have more self confidence and feel way better.  During the rest of The Challenge I continued fresh fruit and vegetables, plus I added very lean meat and ate lots of salads with homemade dressing.  When I started I could only do an hour on the treadmill at 2% incline and 2.5 miles per hour by the end I was up to 4.5% and 3.5 mph. During the challenge, my group hiked to third beach and found a wheel that was six feet across. We were able to life it into an upright position.”


“Then the last night of the competition we hiked up the big hill where you can see from town in the dark to see the amazing lights of Forks.  It was great fun.  The class I like the most is water aerobics.  I was able to complete a step aerobics and a Zumba class. Team coaches and FAAC staff were and still are very helpful at answering any questions and helping on a workout that is specific to your personal goals.  I would like to say a very special thank you to Ruby for the challenge idea and the FAAC, my mom Vicky Goakey for the push to go, Terri Gaydeski and Tami Shaner for all the encouragement, Jake and Rachele for being my team coaches and Jim Leinan for being a great teammate competitor and workout partner. “


Josh Goakey

“My name is James Leinan and I would like to share my story and experience at the Forks Athletic and Aquatic Club. Our family joined the club just over six months ago. Shortly after joining the club I entered a club sponsored weight loss competition. The club provided a cooking and nutrition class in which we learned a lot. I learned about the downfall of the American diet and how and what to eat to become more healthy. My family changed our diet completely and with a lot of hard work I actually won the first challenge. The owner Ruby, her staff, and the fellow members have all been so helpful and motivational. Recently I finished my second challenge and earned second place. The big news though is that I have lost over 100 pounds in the past six months and have greatly improved my overall health.
My wife Shantell has lost nearly 60 pounds so far and has been my biggest supporter. This has been a family effort and our son Mason has been very active at the club. Mason learned to swim at the club and attends tumbling classes. Having the Forks Athletic and Aquatic Club in our community is a huge asset. It is a family friendly environment and it has helped us change our lives. Come check out the FAAC and find your new path.”

James Leinan

“I joined The Challenge to learn how to improve my eating habits, as I was already an active member of the FAAC.  Having a supportive coach and teammates encouraged me to eat in a more healthy manner.  This combination of exercise and better eating kick-started my weight loss program.  I know that I can count on any of these people as future challenges arise.”

– Lorie Morris

Lorie Morris

“Thank you all so very much for your warm, welcoming spirits and wonderful Zumba classes over the last five weeks! You all made a very lonely situation for me the very opposite – I truly felt that I had a place to belong! You really don’t know what your hospitality has meant to me!”


Katheryn Rose


Katheryn Rose