Nominated for Business of the Year!

We are proud to announce that Forks Athletic & Aquatic Club was nominated for the ‘Business of the Year’ award, alongside Chinook Pharmacy and First Federal. This was the 19th Annual Wine & Cheese “Riggins & Riesling” Fundraising Event, held at the Roundhouse tonight. They offered yummy snacks, and  many different varieties of hand made wine by a local vinter, John Glover —  accompanied by live music by the band, Loose Gravel. We all had an awesome time. 🙂

Some of the beautiful art work that was auctioned off for charity:

And the winner for the Business of the Year award goes to…

Chinook Pharmacy!

Congratulations to you guys and thank you for being a great sport! 🙂

Now we know what our goal is for next year. We have another thing to strive for at the FAAC.